Sunday 3 May 2020

Fish Publishing Short Story Prize

Thrilled that my story No Alternative is a winner in the Fish Short Story Prize, and has been published in their 2019 Anthology.  No Alternative was described by judge Mia Gallagher as: "A subtle tale which appears to start simply enough, bleakness suffusing every line of its spare, unshowy prose in  the opening section. Everything seems straightforward. Okay, you'll think, I've got it, I know where this is going. But then a single line - a man's heart unpredictably skipping - snares you, and you're hooked, following the chilly, relentless inevitability of Paul's journey as he, you and the story sink deeper into a profound Mephistophelian darkness. This subject matter, if handled with less integrity, could result in something horribly schlocky. In this writer's hands it is perfect. Faust for the FundMe generation."

You can buy the anthology here: